“I Love Thai Food” Mobile App FAQs

1) How can I become a member?

All you need to do is to download the app and ensure you load the Absolute Pay with the relevant amount. 

2) What are the benefits of using the app?

Besides the ease of convenience, you will get to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Every RM1 spend will reward you with 1 point (The points cannot be earned on purchases of alcohol and payment for service charge and SST).
  • 10% discount off food and beverage (excluding alcohol beverages). 
  • 20% discount on the month of your birthday (redeemable only once a year).
  • Earn points to redeem attractive items.
3) What happens if your outlet is facing system down/ offline? Can I still make payment with my Absolute Pay to enjoy my discount and earn my reward points?

During system, down/ offline, we are unable to accept payment via Absolute Pay. But payment can still be made via cash/credit card.

4) Why did Absolute Thai introduce the “I Love Thai Food” mobile app?

It enhances your dining experience at our outlets as well as hassle-free way to earn rewards and make payment without having to carry a card. Everything can be done with your phone!

5) Will I be able to view my in-store transactions on-line?

Yes, you will be able to view the transactions under history.

6) How do I top-up my Absolute Pay?

You can top-up with cash or credit card at any of the Absolute Thai Group of Restaurants in Malaysia, OR simply top-up online!

7) How do I top-up my Absolute Pay online?

By simply following the below steps:

  1. Login to your I Love Thai Food account
  2. Click on “Top-up”
  3. Choose your prefered top-up method
  4. Complete the require information
8) Is there an expiration date for my reward points?

Points earned will expire in THREE (3) years. However, all points will need to be redeem before deleting the apps.

9) Is there a minimum or maximum amount the Absolute Pay can hold?

You can load or top-up with a minimum amount of RM25 and add up to a maximum limit of RM5000. 

10) Can I make partial payment with my Absolute Pay?

Yes, you can but discounts and points are only applicable to the amount paid. 

11) If I delete/terminate my “I Love Thai Food” app and still have balance in it, how long does it take to refund?

You will need to complete a form in order for the balance to be refunded to your bank account by the following cases:

Category Service Level Agreement Refund Mode
Account termination 14 days Refund into customer’s
bank account
Adjustment -
unsuccessful reload
7 working days Refund into customer’s
Absolute Pay account
Adjustment -
unsuccessful purchase
7 working days Refund into customer’s
Absolute Pay account
12) How does Absolute Thai protect my privacy after I register for the I Love Thai Food mobile app?

Please visit our website: www.absolutethai.com.my for the privacy policy and terms and conditions policy.

13) Can I update my personal particulars on the I Love Thai Food mobile app?

You can view your personal particulars by clicking on the settings of the mobile apps but you will not be able to change the details. You can write to us at enquiries(at)absolutethai(dot)com(dot)my for assistance. 

14) Can I use the I Love Thai Food mobile app in another country?

The app can only be use in all the Absolute Thai Group of Restaurants in Malaysia. 

15) How do I start earning the reward points or entitled for the discounts?

By simply dining in any Absolute Thai Group of Restaurants in Malaysia and paying your purchases with the Absolute Pay from your mobile apps.