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Sawasdee kha

Sawasdee is a Thai greeting. Sawasdee Kha is a polite way to say “Hello” or “Welcome” for females. “Kha” is usually used by a girl at the end of the sentence.

At Absolute Thai, we serve good food with hospitality with a heart.

Our mission seems easy enough; only it is not. Because Thai food is anything but simple, it is an art to symphonize the different ingredients to create a masterpiece that ultimately becomes a beautiful serenade to the diner’s taste buds.

The legacy of Thai food is important to us too. As a beautiful fusion that is centuries old, we try our best to preserve its sanctity. To quote our founder, the late Mr. Thanee Laivarintr, “Thai food is already fusion food - it’s a mixture of Indian, Malay and Chinese cuisines. If we were to add another cuisine in the mix, it wouldn’t be fusion anymore; it would be confusion.” Of course, the whole experience is held together by the famed Thai hospitality, a genuine gesture that comes from the heart.

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Our people

Education, race, nationality, the experience is never an issue when it comes to joining the Absolute Thai family. School janitor, taxi driver, dancer, hawker, odd-job workers. These are just some of the occupations held by our staff and chefs before they rose through the ranks in Absolute Thai.

The only qualification that matters is the heart to bring the best to the dining table. We are what we are today because of a few simple values that we practice. Respect, for instance, is earned and not demanded in our organization. Leaders of their respective teams are expected to lead by example and carry themselves with integrity.

No man is an island

this is especially true in Absolute Thai. The harmonious team spirit at Absolute Thai has motivated everyone to work and communicate with each other like a family. This is important for the growth of their outlet, and to an extent, their counterparts at other outlets.

Our greatest joy comes from the customer’s satisfaction

The commitment to their dining experience begins the moment they step into Absolute Thai via top-notch food and hospitality.

We want customers to feel at home

To achieve that, we start by encouraging our staffs to take ownership, and treat customers like guests in their own home. This infectious positivity has made Absolute Thai synonymous with Thai hospitality.

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