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SEA Cuisine Group of Restaurants celebrates its 20th anniversary since its humble inception in 1999 for bringing Malaysian flavour authentic and contemporary Thai cuisine to our shore.

To date, it prides itself with owning Thai restaurants in Malaysia which are mainly concentrated within the Klang Valley and Johor, yet it’s business vision has also led to three outlets created abroad with one in Australia and two in Singapore.

The culinary genre adopted by SEA Cuisine takes on various forms to satiate different food inclinations: Hot Pot, Street Food, Family Dining, and Casual Dining. With additional of more outlets already earmarked for the next few years, this attests to its propensity to vitality and unrestrained growth.

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the dream

The story of this dream began with the late Mr. Thanee Laivarintr, that let go of his 17 successful years in architecture and starting anew with a clean slate in the form of SEA Cuisine.

His new foray is motivated by his passion for good Thai food. After his travel to many major cities in the world as an architect, and the Thai Food he tasted feeds only his tummy but not his yearning for authentic Thai food.

To eat, and share authentic Thai food,

The rest, as they say, is history. However, the late Mr. Thanee and his team did not let profit sway their intention of providing the best service, ambience and Thai food to diners. By keeping a manageable number of outlets, they were rewarded by a healthy bottom line and a couple of awards, but their most treasured reward is the satisfaction and appreciation of their customers.

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the absolute thai story

Absolute Thai Group of Restaurants was established in 2005, under the management of Sea Cuisine Holdings Sdn. Bhd. The Group’s unprecedented success in these two decades is mostly attributed to the enduring yet uncompromising credo – infectious passion in serving Thai cuisine with “Hospitality with a Heart.” The tagline resonates in the entire spectrum of the food and dining experience at Absolute Thai Group of restaurants: from the careful selection of ingredients, the allure of décor, the visual spectacle of food creations, the authenticity of the menu, the delivery of service, and the ultimate consumption of the food.

It also jives in well to their usage of “I love Thai Food” in all their branding message.

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